U-style DC power track  be designed for goods shelves instead of electric wire. It mainly used for shopfitting, pop display, Retail Display as a kit with GOC...

under cabinet led light, DC Power Track

U-style DC power track mainly used for Shopfitting, Pop Display, Retail Display as a kit with Slim Magnetic LED Bar

  • Item :


  • Size :


  • Current :

    20A (max)

  • Operation Tem. :


  • Ready Colour :


  • Other Colour :

    Customized Available

  • Installation :

    Magnet/3M/Foam Gum/Clip

  • Fit Display/Shelf :

    Metal/Wooden/Glass Styles

  • Optional :

    Adaptor/Driver/Cable Length/Connector


  • 12V 24V DC Power track system is used for sheleves lighting.
  • It can save you lots labour cost and make your goods shelf,popdisplay and retail fixture neat,good-looking and artistic.
  • Power track : magnet backing or 3M stick backing , lengths depends on the height of the shelves .

DC Power Track TB-U has Magnet/3M/Foam Gum/Clip installation methods. Fit for power track system、led pop display retail display shelves、retail display stand、retail display shop decoration、led lights for retail store、led lights for retail displays、retail store fixtures、led track lighting for retail stores




  •  Size: 6×20mm
  • Length: 1m, 2m,3m
  • Customized Length: Available
  • Current: 20A max
  • Color: White, Black, Painted Silver

 Installation :

1. 3M adhesive tape backing: for smooth surface

2. Magnet backing: for steel shelves 

3. Mounting clip: for rough surface






  Example of usage   



DC Power Track Connector to Power Supply. Differenct connector such as DC5.5, Cable Lock and also blank cable are available. Colour: Black and White; It fit current 16A max. Length: 50cm, 100cm, 150cm other length customised.


  • DC Power Track Connector to LED. Blank and 2pin connector is available.
  • Current 7A max.
  • Length: customised
  • Colour: Black and White
  • Length: 50cm, 100cm, 150cm other length customised
  • DC Power Track Connector to LED extension cable. Blank and 2pin connector is available. Length customised




                                        Wooden Display/Retail Display Mounting Clip: TB-MC

                                      Bar to Bar Connector: TB-BTB Fit current 10A max.




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