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Slim magnetic led bar 1310, led shelf light under cabinet

Slim Magnetic LED Light Bar Ideal for retail shelf lighting , pop display , retail display ,super marke. used for Freezer lights, shelf lighting, led shop lig...

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  • Size :


  • Waterproof Rating :


  • Operation Tem. :


  • Energy Efficiency :


  • Voltage :

    24V (12V is also available)

  • Colour Rendering Index :

    Ra﹥80 Ra﹥85 Ra﹥90

  • Colour Temperature :


  • Power Consumption :


1310 Slim magnetic led bar 

● Which size is only 13x10mm , mini size are able to apply in many different case . 

● Vol : DC12/24V ,CRI 80-90 ,wide range of CCT available 

● SCDM <5 , SCDM < 3 is available on request .

● Customized length 

● 3 different mounting ways for wooden shelves, glass shelves and metal shelves . 

● Ideal for retail shelf lighting , pop display , retail display ,super marke.

● used for Freezer lights, shelf lighting, led shop lights, bookshelf lighting and some other areas.


Super Slim linear LED with standard  output

Many lengths available

Various mounting methods including magnetic

To be used with constant voltage DC 24V driver

Dimmable with available accessories


●  Voltage: DC 24V

● Operating temperature : 0-45c°

●  Lamp life: 40,000hr/70%

●  Availble color: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 6000K

  Color rendering: Ra>80 Ra>85 Ra>90

●  Energy efficiency: 75-851m/W

●  Degree of protection : LP43






How to chose the correct power track shelving light system ?  



Products for the light shelving system

 Magnet light :3 × 1000mm

●  Power track: 1 × 1500mm adhesive tape backing

●  Track connector to led: 3 × CTL

●  Track connector to power supply: 1 × CTP

●  Driver:1 × LPV-60-24V

  Product Application  


Slim Magnetic LED Light Bar used for Freezer lights, shelf lightingled shop lights, bookshelf lighting and some other areas.


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