Why Retail Lighting Is Important to Your Business

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  • Jimmy at
  • January 09, 2019

Retail Lighting is a key component in making customers feel at home in your shop and enticing them to buy. The right retail lighting does much more than simply illuminate your retail space. It sets the mood and atmosphere, guides shoppers to key areas, and provides an overall backdrop for your customer experience.


Achieving the perfect retail lightscape isn’t difficult once you understand the principles and techniques behind designing a retail lighting plan.


General Lighting

General Lighting, also called ambient, lighting is the main light source for your store. Ambient lighting fills in the gaps between the lighting used to highlight displays, counters, corners, and shelving. The overall purpose of general/ambient retail store lighting is to make customers feel comfortable in the space and provide enough light to safely explore the entire store.



Ambient lighting can make a statement or be a simple series of panels or LED linear light.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight specific areas, displays, and decor throughout your retail store. The purpose of accent lighting is to make products pop and add a sense of importance. Various types of accent lighting are used to draw shoppers to particular areas in your store, such as LED shelf light, showcase lighting, and power track lighting system, as shown below.



Accent lighting can also be installed into cases or behind displays as backlighting and used to brighten dreary corners in your store. As a general rule, accent lighting is the answer for any display space that needs to be brightened or highlighted beyond the wash of ambient light in your store.

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