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  • Jimmy at
  • November 21, 2018

Stand out & improve customer experience with our unique LED solutions

High standards are expected of retail lighting and displays. The corporate message and the appeal of a brand on show must stand out and be portrayed in the best possible light! The designer and manufacturer ensure that they are sophisticated and attractive, but Gocus LED technologies and products play an important part in their technical perfection – bright, even illumination, consistency in colour temperature and, in some instances, their functionality (Super Slim magnet light, LED DC power track and super slim LED advertising light box, etc).

Gocus can supply any LED light for retail shelving, or as a near-finished product bespoke-sized LED Advertising Light Box, led snap frame light box and unframed LED lightboxes etc, meeting your specification. We promise you high-quality technologies and products at reasonable prices, best technical support and delivery performance, whether one-off or larger quantities (we have supplied large order quantities for national and international store roll-outs).


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