LED Strip for Shelf Lighting

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  • Jimmy at
  • May 22, 2019

       We love LED lights for many reasons. They last for over 10 years and won’t burn out like other lights. They energy efficiency than other lights and come in a range of formats to suit optimal shelf lighting. LED strips especially are fantastic because they don’t run hot, making them suitable for running longer than other types of lights. They can be applied in a number of ways, making them incredibly versatile for use on many different materials, surfaces and finishes.

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       These are the easiest way to light your shelves in a variety of ways, while providing even lighting throughout. You can front light or backlight your shelves with our LED strips.


        Back lighting provides depth to a shelf and can be hidden away, out of view, in the back of the shelf in a gap. Back lighting also looks amazing when it shines through objects highlighting your prized possessions and items, and provides another aspect to your design.


       Different colours can be used depending on the effect you’re wanting. In a business we recommend cooler lighting colors to fit in with the environment.

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