Get Great Accent Lighting for Retail Stores with LE...

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  • May 16, 2019


     Accent lighting for retail stores can help highlight certain parts of a store or provide a specific mood. LED lights in particular make excellent accent lamps with their longevity and color options.


Highlight Products

      This may seem obvious, but if you think your store could be improved with accent lighting, then start by looking at your products. You don’t want to highlight random shelves or corners when there’s nothing there to see. Instead, focus your accent lighting on real products, preferably large products or product selections where you want to draw attention.


      Have a special deal going on? Highlight it. A particularly large product or display? That’s where you need accent lighting. Not every product in your store needs to be accented with its own lights, but using a few accent lights here and there can make a big difference in your product displays choices. Be careful by putting too many LEDs on your products – you don’t want to dazzle the customer so much they don’t look at the product itself!


Lead Customers

     Another common goal for accent lighting is to lead customers. The course is created by using accents lights to pull customers from one area to another through signals and contrasts.


     This works if you want customers to take a specific path through your store. Perhaps not as useful for a grocery stores (which use other methods of customer leading), but many retail businesses can make use of this tactic to draw customers on through specific areas to encourage cross-selling and impulse purchases. LED backlighting and color shifts are particularly useful here.


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