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  • January 09, 2019

Bright, Even & LED Backlighting Solution

There is an innovative, inexpensive, low energy backlighting concept that can be assembled in minutes by untrained staff using merely assembly drawings and a screwdriver. It is supplied in kit form as LED Moduls and connecting leads, with sliding connectors and double-sided screw fixing. The main use of Gocus kits is to construct ultra-thin LED advertising light box, illuminated signs and led advertising display of any size and shape with high, spot-free, even brightness.

Unique Optical Lens Enables Slimmer Display Designs

The LED light strips compromise a rigid PCB, onto which advanced independent research and development LED lenses are mounted. Each LED lens has a wide illumination beam angle of 170 degrees, which means the distance from lens to the LED light box surface can be kept short enabling the construction of thin illuminated signage and advertising display.

Constant current working mode, the LED Moduls can be used any length length. The LED can be effortlessly connected to other LED using the leads provided to form a backlighting assembly of any given size or shape. The LEDs are powered by constant current transformers, it will more stable and durable. An Gocus kit assembly is flexible, which means it can be installed on uneven surfaces or wrapped around columns and corners.


Easy Assembly, Versatile In Use

The kits are compact. lightweight and require little storage space. An assembled light box is lightweight, and can be easily handled and transported. LED light boxes, illuminated signage and other illuminated displays made with Gocus backlighting is easy to take apart and put back together again or reuse, making it ideal for exhibition purposes. In all its forms Gocus is an ideal cost-effective product for sign-makers and shop-fitters to hold in stock to shorten lead times for manufacture and delivery of top-class backlit displays and signage.


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