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    Textile Light Box,LED Advertising Light Box

    • Item :

      Textile Light Box

    • Voltage. :


    • Operating Temperature :


    • Light span :


    • Available :

      2700-6500K / RGB/ WW+CW

    • CRI :


    • Lumen :


    • Waterproof Degree :


    • Max size :

      2000 x 1000mm


    It is a back lited texitle light box only in 30mm with LGP

    Light source is with OSRAM led and Mitsubish PMMA as LGP witch insure the high quality of light output upto 90lm/w, average 3000lx-5000lx

    Framless with even light output 

    Easy to change and install new pictures 

    Small size , less weight , easy installation and with much evern light 

    Available in wall mounted , suspened and stand 


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