Led Back Lit Panel ,LED Light Guide Panel

    • Item :

      Led Back Lit Panel

    • Voltage. :


    • Operating Temperature :


    • Light span :


    • Available :

      2700-6500K / RGB/ WW+CW

    • CRI :


    • Lumen :


    • Waterproof Degree :


    • Max size :

      2000 x 3000mm


    The back lit panel are used with OSRAM led as light source and Mitsubish PMMA as LGP witch insure the high quality of light output upto 90lm/w, average 3000lx on surface .

    One side or two side LED are depand on the size of the panel 
    we developed 5 different of the aluminimun frame to fit for most of the application 

    The thickness from 5.5MM-10MM to fit in different kind of shelf or rack 

    With or without diffuser is optional 

    One side with frame or 4 sides with frame is optional 


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