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    ceiling light panels, LED Grille Light

    A luminaire combining six opics and modular 1/ Six optics available; Lens is eaisly to replace. Suit varicous application; 2/ Modular lighting fixture; Whole ...

    • Model Number :

      LED Grille Light

    • Lamp Luminous Flux(lm) :

      up to 130lm/w

    • Working Lifetime(Hour) :


    • Beam Angle(°) :

      100, 70, 66, 43, 60, 120

    • CRI (Ra>) :


    • Application :

      Hotels, offices, schools, retail stores

    • Wattage :


    • Light efficiency :


    • Color temperature :


    • DA :

      Emergency(EG)/Motion sensor(MS)/DALI dimming(DA)/1-10V dimmin...


    1. Six optics available; Lens is eaisly to replace. Suit varicous application;
    2. Modular lighting fixture; Whole set is made by three main components;
    3. Eco-friendly; Only tow possibilities for potential defects. Luminaire or Driver. No any garbage disposal charge for the whole set.
    4. Easy replacement; Luminaire is easily plug and play. Driver holder bracket is with magnetic. Position is flexible.
    5. Recessed, surface mounted and suspended with additional mounting hardware options available.
    6. High efficiency, up to 130lm/w.
    7. High power available; Up to 50W for 600x600& 1200x300,100W for 1200X600.


    The Led troffer is made by three components, Aluminlum profile, luminaires & Drivers. So there is only tow possibilities for potential defects. 

    That is luminaire or driver. And aluminium profile will never die. So just easily replace the defective drivers or luminaires and the lighting fixture can continue to work. Truly eco-friendly and no any charge on garbage disposal.

    Driver holder bracked is also equipped with magnetic, able to move anywhere accordingly. The whole backplate can support sensor or emergency.


             The LED grille light is intended for illuminating indoor areas; it may be installed and used only in dry, enclosed indoor rooms. Please observe the specification carefully at all times! Our products complies with the applicable national and European requirements.

    • The product does not require any maintenance. You should never take it apart. The LED used are permanently installed; they cannot be replaced.
    • Before cleaning the product it must be disconnected from the power supply. Unplug the mains plug from the power supply or switch off the mains voltage.
    • Do not press too strongly on the diffuser plate of the LED panel as this may cause scratches or other damage.
    • Dust can easily be removed using a clean, soft brush and a vacuum cleaner.

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