Super Slim DC Power Track

    Flat-style DC power track mainly used for Shopfitting, Pop Display, Retail Display with LED bar

    • Item :


    • Size :


    • Current :

      6A Max.

    • Operation Tem. :0℃-45℃ :

    • Color :

      White / Black

    • Length :

      1m / 2m, customized available

    • Installation :

      Magnet, adhesive tape

    • Option :

      Cable length / Connector


    • Super slim design only in 2mm height and 25mm width, to create a neat and professional shelf
    • Power track connector with magnet and wings for fixing on the power track, to feed the power for your shelving light
    • Available in 1.5mm thickness magnet and adhesive tape for metal and wooden shelves
    • Recommend max. current in 6A
    • Standard color in white and black, customized length is available


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